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Born March 3, 1989

Grand Parenting took on a whole new meaning when this little girl became part of our lives! "Ash" lived most of her life with Mr. D and I and we have cherished every minute of it. We thank God every day for our children and grandchildren! She is now 26 years old (I don't know where the time went) Ashley is now a mother herself. She presented us with our very first great-grandchild 6 July 2007. Ryle Ashton Wade is a beautiful little boy with LOTS of energy. Bryer Layne Wade was born exactly 2 years and 1 month after Rylie (6 August 2009) and Clifton Brylee Beau Wade (B-Beau) came along 27 day of April 2012.

Ashley and I spent many hours doing anything that had to do with being "outside" and animals. Her hobbies included anything that had to do with nature, animals, outside, and yucky things like bugs, lizzards, frogs, and mice! She has always loved swimming, hiking and singing. She loved singing in the shower and in public restrooms. Showing off was one of her favorite things and I'm sure she's paying for that with her boys!

Together we raised 4 baby bob cats, "zillions" of whitetail deer fawn, cottontail rabbits, puppies, kittens, squirrels, and other things I don't even want to think about right now. She had two ferrets named Foo and Squeaks. They were an education for both of us. She had a min-pin named Austin Rex Pickle that was her best friend for as long as he lived.

November 2004, she left her Grand Daddy and I and went to live with her mother, dad and brother. She had to leave Austin, Foo and Squeaks (her ferrets) here with us when she moved. Austin was so old she was affraid that he wouldn't adjust. He also didn't get along with Doodle Bug. The night of May 6, 2005 a terrible thing happened that really rocked Ashley's world. Her beloved Austin disappeared. He went out side about 2:00 a.m. along with Snookie and Tintz (my toy schnauzer). Of course all three were barking just to hear themselves; or at least that's what I thought. About 2:45 a.m. I was ready to go to bed so I called Snookie (Tintz had already come in and Maggie Mae never left my side) and Austin. Well it took forever to get Snookie to come back to the house from a little way down our drive. She finally came and was wet on her feet and a portion of her legs. When she came to the house she was alone. Usually Austin was the first to come simply because he was getting very old and was VERY fat. He rarely went very far away from the house. Well, Austin never returned. May 7 we all searched and searched for some clue of where and why he disappeared. We never found any sign of what happened to him. We surmise that coyotes came from across our road and snatched him. Any way, Ashley was heart broken; and so were we.

Of course Ashley has a LOT more to keep her busy now with a husband (Ashton Wade) and 3 energetic little boys.

Rylie is nearly 7 now and never stops unless he completely runs down like a cheap watch. He "works" all the time and wants to be outside most of all. Fortunately for me, he LOVES to ride horses. I have had Buddy, my quarter horse for several years now and he is just a great guy.

Bryer is a gregarious little boy. He is his mama's boy through and through. While Rylie is a daddy's boy, Bryer loves his MaMa. Bryer's hair is dark and when wet it curls like his great grand daddy, Wayne's hair does. Bryer is almost as big as Big Brother and will probably be a bigger boy than Rylie, but right now neither of them care who's the biggest. Ashley says Bryer will eat anything that doesn't eat him first and he does seem to have a very healthy appetite.

Ash's Pros, Poetry, and Just Plain Fun!

Ashley was a home school student most of her life. She began home schooling after first grade. I have been a home school advocate for a long time. Anyone interested in home schooling in Texas can contact me, and I will help them get started!

The Pale Pickle Frog by Ashley Gayle Pickle.

The Continuing Adventures of Annie Jo James by Ashley Gayle Pickle

Finally; searching for a new home with Mr. Jingles, the mouse, Dusty, the rabbit, and Missy, the ferret by Ashley Gayle Pickle.

Ash welcomes you to take a look at the photos listed below so you can see what fun we have had over the years!



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