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Just go to the portion of our site that interests you most, or that you think may help you most. That's what we're here for, to help and be a friend. Don't forget to check out our Message Boards for surnames: Christian, Hodge, Peebles, and Teal!!!

Crafts, Hobbies, and Home Made Products. Soapmaking, Lotions, Bath Products, Photo Restoration and other useful things.

Family genealogy. Miss B's family history. Also includes Rootsweb Message Boards for Christian, Hodge, Peebles and Teal surnames. Always looking for Miller, Hickman, Christian, Edens, Payne, Teal, Hollis, Long, Lehr, Ledbetter, Hodge, Peebles, Heddin, and Reynolds.

Learning about Computers and Software: Need help setting up your new computer system? Need help with software that either came pre-installed on you computer or that you have purchased but just can't get the hand of? Miss B and her crew can help.

Jesus Page. I collect all types of pictures of Jesus and would like to share some of them with you. If you prefer not to visit this page, then that's fine with me. I'm just glad you visited with me.

Inspiration. Tired, depressed, lonely, family problems, or just in need of a lift.

Ashley Gayle Pickle - The first Pickle in our Jar!

Bobby Earl Pickle - The other Pickle in our Jar!

Macie Jordyn Miller - Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

Parker Layne Miller - Buckets and Bails and Puppy Dog Tails. That's what our little boys is made of.

Home and Family. The usual family stuff.

Wildlife. In addition to our goats and horses, we rehabilitate orphaned wildlife.

Recipe Hand-Me-Downs from the Past.

Links, to some of my favorite sites. You will find links to some of the sites where lots of my borders, backgrounds, and images came from. In addition you will also find animations sites. All of these folks offer their designs free to folks like me and want only to be recognized and visited by other folks like you! You will also find links to other sites that I found interesting; everything from the official web site of The State of Texas to sites about animals and also my friends.

Useful Information Concerning Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Attacks. This page has been added so that some of the hype and mis-information that has been distributed by various media can be dispelled and to assist the common American in going about his daily life without fear. I have also included some of my own experiences with the Anthrax bacteria and some examples of things that are "going around" that defy the immagination.

Please direct all suggestions, comments, and cuddos to MissB!

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Van Zandt County, Texas site at TXGenWeb.

Wood County, Texas site at TXGenWeb.

Pickens County, Alabama at ALGenWeb and Pickens County Genealogical Society Web Site.

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